Q & A with Grosvenor’s Design Director, Juan Credidio

Juan Credidio

What shirt from AW14 do you feel is the most versatile?

The Signature collection is by far the most versatile, with the subtle details inside the collar, under the cuffs and under the front placket, these can be worn formal with a tie as well as casual with some interest.

If you had to pick 3 accessories from AW14, what would they be and why?

I really love the new tie range for Autumn, we work with Vanners (silk weavers) in Sudbury England, and in particular the paisley is my favorite.

The new pocket squares are really great, we have 6 monotone shades that have just arrived and will be in store next week.

I know is still very warm, but I am really excited about the new scarves for this autumn, we have lightweight options and cashmere from Scotland.

How far ahead do you work on seasons and how do you start to work on a new collection?

I work one year in advance, the majority of our cloth is exclusive to us and woven in the 2-fold 100’s Royal Twill, I start designing the cloth 12 months ahead. We have a wholesale collection, so the range needs to be ready to show 6 months before delivery. The same would apply to all of the accessories, ties, silk hanks, belts etc. I am currently working on AW 15.

What is your favorite look from Grosvenor AW14?

My favorite look would be the full outfit; we have just added chinos and blazers to the collection. The chinos are made in lightweight 100% cotton that has a great luxurious finish on the cloth, the blazer is a wonderful shade of navy and made in Super 110’s fine wool. Teaming the chino and blazer with a great casual shirt and adding a pocket square makes a great look.


What inspires you creatively?

I have always been interested in fashion, even from a young age, in Panama I had the nick name “Fashion” because I always spend so much time and money on the way I dressed. I have a great interest, not only in the fashion industry but I also love interior design and visual merchandising. I can get inspiration in many ways, it can come from visiting cities and observing the way people dress.

Who are your style icons?

I do not have a style icon in particular; I like to take influence from many areas. Coming from Central America, I am not afraid to inject some colour into the collection, but this is always combined with classic styles and shapes.

Grosvenor - 18/19 Jermyn St . London W1 pix and copyright Nick Cunard nickcunard.co.uk


Q & A with Karl Dunkley, founder & CEO of Grosvenor

founder & CEO of Grosvenor

Jermyn Street Journal exclusively interviewed Karl to discuss being one of the last true British shirt makers left, the Royal Warrant and the future

JSJ The company strapline for Grosvenor Shirts is “Exclusively British” explain what you mean by this?

KD There are many brands in the UK that give the impression that they are British, but have their entire collection made overseas. 90% of our collection is made in our own factory in the UK and we only will add products that complement our collection from Europe, if we are unable to source them from the UK.


How important it is for Grosvenor to own a UK factory?

KD Having our own factory is a great advantage, we can control the quality and we have recently just invested in many new machines to improve the quality even more. We are able to produce exclusive ranges in small quantities, giving greater exclusivity to our customers. We are able to support our retail stores and website by making products in very short time scale.


JSJ How involved are you with creating the collections?

KD I am less involved in the design process since Juan joined the company in 2004, he has a great understanding of our customers needs and requirements.


JSJ Grosvenor Shirts was granted a Royal Warrant last year. How did this make you feel and was it a long time coming?

KD I am extremely thrilled to receive such a prestigious mark of recognition and are honoured to supply HM The Queen.


JSJ Aside from Her Majesty are there any other famous clients?

KD We do sell to a wide range of customers, celebrities and other Royal families from around the world. But we do not comment on who there are or what the buy.


JSJ Last year you moved from Mayfair to Jermyn Street. Was this something you had planned for a long time?

KD We have always been interested in a location on Jermyn Street, and with the new plans that The Crown Estate have for the Street and surrounding area, the time was right for us to re locate.


Grosvenor - 18/19 Jermyn St . London W1 pix and copyright Nick Cunard nickcunard.co.uk


JSJ You have recently added a blazer and chino collection, tell me how this came about?

KD The addition of the chino’s and blazers has enabled us to complete the full outfit, we have been working for the last year on designing the perfect silhouette for our customer. Developing new products always takes much longer than we all think.


JSJ Where do you see Grosvenor Shirts in ten year’s time?

KD At present we have four overseas franchise stores in Africa and we expect to open more around the world. We are already looking at China and Japan. The new website has started extremely well and this will continue to grow. New products will be added to enhance the collection.

Read more on Grosvenor on The Jermyn Street Journal here http://jermynstreetjournal.com/2014/07/22/grosvenor-shirts-aw14-collection-preview/

Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera

It might be Summer outside but we are getting ready to bring you our new collection for Autumn – Winter 2014

Last week we shot some stand out pieces on location in London. We were very fortunate to be given access to the Victoria marvel that is The Bishopsgate Institute. This Grade II listed building is in the heart of the City of London and has recently been restored to it’s former glory.


Our small team and the faces for the new season spent the day in this amazing venue. With beautiful oak doorways, painted paneling and many historical marble busts, we were not short of backdrops for our shirts.

Here are some behind the camera images from the day, along with a sneak preview of some new styles.




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Grosvenor Summer Competition

Grosvenor Summer Competition

At the start of June we launched the Grosvenor Summer Competition, giving you all the chance to win 2 new shirts while showing off your own Grosvenor Shirt.

We invited you to send a picture of yourself wearing a shirt from Grosvenor to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles using #GrosvenorSummerComp.

We are delighted by the response from across the world and it has been a pleasure to see you all looking fabulously chic in your shirts.

Here are just some of your photos.








We gave the tough task of selecting a runner up and winner to Grosvenor’s founder & CEO, Karl Dunkley, along with Design Director Juan Credidio.

Second prize of 1 new shirt goes to….


And the winner of #GrosvenorSummerComp is….


Congratulations to the prize winners, please get in touch with martin@grosvenorshirts.com.

We would like to thank all of you who got involved by sending in your pictures. There will be more competitions in the near future so keep checking on Facebook and Twitter by signing up to our weekly newsletter here.

Style tips with Altitude

Style tips with Altitude

The sky is the limit for Grosvenor Shirts as they climb London’s O2

This Father’s Day Grosvenor Shirts of Jermyn Street, London, decided to take part in something a little different for the dads.

“We were thrilled to be asked to join in something so unusual” explains Karl Dunkley, Grosvenor’s founder & CEO. “For us it was a good opportunity to give the Dads a little something back”.

2014 Inkling AEG The O2 Up at The O2 Fathers Day 15 June

Grosvenor Shirts demonstrating on how to master that tricky Windsor knot.

As a special treat 20 Dads were invited to climb the O2 and visit the viewing platform at the very top. It was here that the guests were treated to massages, cheese tastings, manicures and some of Grosvenor Shirts style tips on how to master a Windsor knot.

2014 Inkling AEG The O2 Up at The O2 Fathers Day 15 June



There are no short cuts, lifts or helicopters to get you to the top, therefore the Grosvenor team also had to climb up before the Dads arrived. With safety harnesses, high visibility clothing and questionable footwear we managed to conquer the O2 in 20 minutes with no mishaps.


Climbing and meeting the Dads was a wonderful experience and something we thoroughly enjoyed. At the end of the day it was great to be back on safe ground and hand out our exclusive Father’s Day goody bags to all the well deserving Dads who joined in.


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Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot

The Grosevenor team love a horse show, in particular a Royal Horse Show. With just weeks passing since we were guests in the Royal Enclosure at Windsor Show, we jump at any opportunity to get dressed up and look the part for the Summer Season.

This week sees Royal Ascot in Berkshire, now a tradition that dates back to the year 1711 from an idea originated by Queen Anne. Just a short gallop from Windsor Castle the show is still popular with our Monarchy and is always attended by Her Majesty the Queen accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh.

Second to the horse racing is the fashion. With very strict rules of what to where and what not to wear we asked Grosvenor’s Design Director, Juan Credidio to give us his top picks of what to wear to Royal Ascot.

Juan’s essential guide will allow you to not only look the part but make a statement while following the all-important fashion rules.

Grosvenor - 18/19 Jermyn St . London W1 pix and copyright Nick Cunard nickcunard.co.uk

Juan says “The devil is in the detail, the right accessories can bring an outfit to life. It is so important to choose them well”.


Solid Silver Dress Studs – Blue £195.00


Metal Collar Stays – Navy £20.00


Dark Blue Tie £75.00


Silk Handkerchief


Cloth Material

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Preview Shirts

AW Press Preview

AW Press Preview


We know it is only just into summer but in the World of fashion things move so fast and the press are always looking at what’s next. With this in mind we decided to hold a special breakfast at our store on Jermyn Street.

We wanted to celebrate and show off our new store, the new online shop and preview some key pieces from Autumn – Winter 2014.


With plenty of coffee, mini pastries and a healthy fruit platter we welcomed fashion, beauty and luxury journalists to store.

The sun was shining and we were all so pleased with the turn out, we had such wonderful feedback on the store and the new collection.

The press left with a luxurious good bag and huge smiles.

Read what The Sloaney’s Editor, Laura Toogood thought of the AW14 Collection http://www.thesloaney.com/fashion/grosvenor-shirts-unique-designs-and-a-royal-warrant.html

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