See How We Make Our Shirts

See How We Make Our Shirts

Celebrate British shirt making live on Jermyn Street.

Exclusively on 7th & 8th November from 10am.

At Grosvenor we are proud to design & make all our shirts in the UK and unlike many others, we can honestly say that we are one of the last true British shirt makers.

For 2 days only we will be celebrating skilled craftsmanship live in our store window. This very special one-off event is open to everyone and promises to showcase the making of our bestselling signature shirts. Skilled cutters will be hand cutting and giving you the chance to watch or even buy your own freshly cut British shirt.

This not to be missed event takes place on Friday 7th November & Saturday 8th November 2014 from 10am.

We hope to see you there.





6 thoughts on “See How We Make Our Shirts

  1. I’m thinking of bring my son on Saturday 8th November at 10am, it should be a great event… Please can you advise me what would be the Price for a shirt to be made for him, made-to-measure, on the day (?) and is it possible for him to choose the patterns / designs/ colours etc ?
    he is 17 years of age, and collar size approx 15. THANKS. Graham Pedder

    1. Dear Graham,

      Thank you for your enquiry, the shirt style that we will be cutting on our special event will be our Signature block and you can view some our examples by clicking on this link

      I would recommend that you could purchase a Made to Measure gift box and with this your son can truly have a shirt original to him with the perfect fit.

      With the gift box your son will be able to choose the patterns, designs and colours from our exclusive range of fabrics.

      You can purchase a Made to Measure gift box on the following link or you can visit or Jermyn Street store where it is also available.

  2. Thanks for the update. If we buy the Made To Measure gift box, can he be measured up for it on Saturday 8th (or will it be too busy!) ? If you can see him, when would the shirt be ready to collect ? We want to come on this Saturday event and want to buy and take a shirt away with us, but he’ll want the experience of being measured-up and having something ‘original’ that he has chosen (not something off-the-peg which we can get anytime, and I do often). Cheers…. Graham

    1. Dear Graham,

      Yes he can be measured up on the day and from here your son can select his preferred style of shirt which would include selecting a cuff, collar and body style.

      He will also have the opportunity to select his pattern style from an exclusive range of fabrics along with other sections of the shirt such as button colour, buttonhole stitching colours and much more.

      The shirt will take approximately two weeks to be finished with the tailored selections as the shirt would need to be matched with your son’s fabric choices and size fitting.



  3. Where is your cotton cloth woven? At your factory in Strabane or elsewhere? Do any shirtmakers in UK use cotton cloth woven in the UK? I look forward to meeting your shirtcutter tomorrow. Cindy Lawford, The Jermyn Street Experience

  4. Dear Cindy,

    Most of our cotton is purchased from Italian companies who weave the cotton within their own factories.

    We are not aware of any cotton being woven in the UK.

    I hope this answers your query and if you would like to find anything else please feel free to ask our staff in store tomorrow.

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